Testimonials From DecksGo Customers

What Real People Are Saying...

When you are tracking down something on the internet you want to find out what real people are saying about a particular product or service.  It is incredibly important because it can reveal the truth and help you along in your decision.  That is why it is also just as important to know that the testimonials you are reading came from real customers. Quite frankly, it disturbs us here at DecksGo when you occasionally hear that anyone would ever breach the trust of a potential customer by using "fake" reviews.

Not here.  Ever.  These are hard earned testimonials.  Every single one from a real customer that bought from us.  We owe everything we have to our customers.  Please spend some time digging in and reading as many of them as you wish.

"I love the auger post footing system !!! Thank you for your hard work in developing such a great product, and the risk and effort it must have taken to bring this to the market. I just installed 17 of the auger footings last weekend, and avoided the significant pain and effort associated with multiple trips to Home Depot for roughly 60 bags of ready-mix, not to mention the expense and back-breaking effort it would have taken to dig the footings, mix the concrete, and place the footings. They worked like a charm ! I am now looking at incorporating your railing bases, post caps, and post skirts into my deck project. I appreciate the attention to detail you have made in each of your designs and products. ..... Again, thanks for your hard work and great products!"

Bret - CA