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Pro-Plug 305 Stainless Screws #8 x 2-1/2"



Pro-Plug Screws by Starborn

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Smart-Bit Pro-Plug System tool $34.99
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Use Pro Plug 305 Stainless Screws for the strongest top down screw installation you can get.  Combine it with the virtually invisible Pro Plugs and you get the best of both worlds.   It's all possible with the Pro-Plug System tool that drills perfectly sized holes for the #8 size screws at the right depth. 


Each pack of screws comes with plugs, a #2 square driver bit and glue nozzle that delivers just the right amount of adhesive.  Pop in the plug and you are done.  Much faster than other screw and plug systems. And this is designed exclusively for Dasso bamboo.


  • #8 x 2-1/2" flat head 305 stainless screw.
  • Type 17 tip promotes quick and easy entry and effective split protection.
  • Smart-Bit Pro-Plug tool is required for use with Dasso bamboo and other hardwood decking.
  • 350 piece pack covers 100 sq. ft.
  • 1050 piece pack covers 300 sq. ft.


Use the 100 piece pack for smaller jobs like starter boards, trim, stair treads.  Choose the 350 or 1050 piece pack for larger jobs like installing decking boards.

Materials 305 stainless steel
Drive Type #2 square drive
Head Style Trim head
Size & Length #8 x 2-1/2"

100 pcs/30 sq.ft.

350 pcs/100 sq.ft.

1050 pcs/300 sq.ft.

Contains Screws, plugs, glue nozzle, #2 square drive bit

Full pallets contain 64 bundles, 1152 linear feet and weigh 2,592 lbs.

Ships for only $7 or free if $49 or more.


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