3040BK Black 2x 65_gTape
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G-Tape 3040BK (2"x65')

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Brand: Nichigo

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G-Tape 3040BK 2" has become a "must have" solution for deck builders across the country because of its extreme performance and simplicity. No other flashing tape performs like it. Deck joist life span is greatly increased.


Why You Need It


  • Sticks to exterior surfaces in temperatures ranging from -20°F to 200°F.
  • Sticks to the toughest surfaces in the most extreme environments.
  • Tears easily by hand.
  • Easy to un-stick from itself and re-position.
  • Fifty year aging tests show it retains over 60% of its original adhesion and 100% of its tensile strength.


How It Works


Acrylic adhesive tape is so much easier to use than common butyl tapes. Butyl tapes look like a black goo and they tend to leak and get stuck to themselves just in the roll. The adhesive on G-Tape has a negative charge. Steel nails have a positive charge. So the adhesive is attracted to the steel and then seeps into all the nooks and crannies of the wood surface to make a complete seal for permanent moisture protection.

Acrylic adhesive after 72 hours

Acrylic compared to Butyl

Use It With Surface Mounted Railings

G-Tape is perfect for waterproofing blocking boards when installing surface mounted railing posts like the Titan Wood Post Anchor™


When you use the Titan Post Anchor™ you have to install a flat 2x8 block between the joist bay and underneath the decking where the post anchor will be secured.  If you live in a wet climate and you want to ensure that sitting water does not keep the joist blocking wet, use G-Tape.  During the time it takes for any rain water to evaporate, the G-Tape keeps that blocking board dry for a life time.

Technical Specifications
Model 3040BK
Material Acrylic Adhesive Tape
Roll Dimensions Width: '2", Length: 65'
Color Black
Thickness 8.7 mil
Adhesive Strength 105 oz/in
Tensile Strength 32 Lb/in
Holding Power 19 minutes at 105F, Testing Method JIS Z0237
Recommended Uses Use as an exterior flashing tape for deck joists, stair stringers or on top of blocking in joist bays underneath surface mounted railing posts like the Titan Wood Post Anchor™.  Keeps joists dry for longer life.

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