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Titan 4x4 Post Anchor - All Hardware Included Package - w/ Black and Galvanized Fasteners

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Brand: Titan Building Products

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It's North America's favorite wood post anchor... for a lot reasons.


Now you can build a wood railing system on virtually any Surface, Fast, and Easy that Looks Better, Lasts Longer and can be used in residential Code Compliant wood deck railings when installed as directed.


Use with 4x4 wood posts on wood or composite decks, stairs, patios, concrete or any other hard surfaces.


  • Guard rails, support posts, gazebos or pergolas
  • Composite post sleeves/skirts fit right over
  • Fence posts on concrete


You're going to love it.


  • No notching decking
  • No complicated carpentry, framing or hardware
  • Posts are higher and drier for longer life


Attention: The 8 deck screws provided are for wood or composite surfaces, not concrete. Please use either Tapcon or GRK concrete screws, sold separately

Model TIPR4412
Color/Coating Black powder coat over hot dip zinc
Material Formed/Welded sheet steel
Post Size 3.5” to 4” (89mm to 100mm)
Dimensions Base: 5/8” H x 5” W x 5” L (16mm x 128mm x128mm)
Tube: 3.5"h x 1.25" dia (89mm x 32mm)
Inner holes: 0.40" dia, 2" o.c. (50mm)
Outer holes: 0.31" dia, 2.0625" o.c. (51mm)
Weight 2.00 lbs
Fasteners For residential engineering guidelines use (4) 3/8”x5 hex head lag screws, minimum (6) #14x3 or 1/4x3” deck screws or hex head lag screws.
Includes: (4) 3/8"x5" lag screws, (8) #14x3" black zinc nickel deck screws
Recommended Uses & Code Compliance Residential deck railing 36”-42” high, pergola or gazebo posts, support posts.
Maximum post spacing: 6' for 36" 4x4 posts; 4' for 42" 4x4 posts; 8' for 36" 6x6 posts; 6' for 42" 6x6 posts. See Engineering Reports for horizontal, compression and tension loads.
Composite Decking Works with composite post sleeves and post base skirts. Post anchor base fits easily under all makes of composite post base skirts except Latitudes.
With Latitudes post base skirt use knife blade to trim inside tabs for fit over post anchor.
Recommended Wood Species For best performance and ease of installation use with species ranging from cedar, spruce, redwood, pine, hem-fir with moisture content (m.c.) of 12%-20%. To comply with residential engineering guidelines, do not use any species with specific gravity (density) less than the lowest of the above recommended species.
Other Species Douglas fir – ensure cutting edge of tube is sharp and m.c. not less than 12%. Otherwise, install as if hardwood.
Hardwoods Requires hole saw and forstner bit installation technique as tube can not be impaled into wood easily. See How To Guide.
Pre-Drilling For best performance it is recommended to pre-drill lag screw holes. See How To Guide.
Concrete Surfaces Use minimum of 4 GRK Caliburn or Tapcon 1/4" screws at least 2-1/4" long.
Sold separately.

Download the full size installation guide here. Or view a smaller version below:


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For concrete installations use our Concrete Screws


Download a full-size copy of the Titan Post Anchor Warranty here.

Titan 4x4 Post Anchor - All Hardware Included Package - w/ Black and Galvanized Fasteners
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Titan 4x4 Post Anchor - All Hardware Included Package - w/ Black and Galvanized Fasteners
Titan 4x4 post anchor
We just had a contractor build a carport with a deck on top and replace a existing deck we had. When the post was put in I just didn't have confidence in them, just seemed a little flimsy. My wife and I did some research and found your product and bought a few to try out and boy were we impressed. After installing on two of the post there was a huge difference in the stability. We immediately ordered 15 more to install on rest of the post. I thought installation was very easy and we now have peace of mind knowing that our railing is safe. We also have a friend that is redoing a deck and highly recommend they check out your decking system. Oh I almost forgot about the quick service which didn't hold up our project. Thank you for a quality product as advertised.
Titan 4x4 Post Anchor - All Hardware Included Package - w/ Black and Galvanized Fasteners
This thing is awesome! Decided to add a railing(bad planning) and needed a solution for the corner where I couldn't add a 4x4 to the inside of the rim. I looked at all of the local home improvement solutions for 5x the cost and none seemed sturdy. I placed mine on top of the corner of my framing on the rim joist and blocked around and into the 4x4 that I previously cutoff.(again didn't plan for the railing) doing this gave me a place to sink the lag bolts. It took a little time to get the center hole in the 4x4 just right and a bfh, but very happy with the results and product. My railing is not moving!!
Titan 4x4 Post Anchor - All Hardware Included Package - w/ Black and Galvanized Fasteners
Titan anchors
Product exceeds expectations by a mile. If installed exactly per instructions, there will be no regrets. The building inspector wasn't familiar with Titan anchors but after he reviewed the engineering reports that I retrieved from the web site he said "about time someone came out with an anchor that does the job correctly". Shipping was fast and the order was correct. Thanks, most advertisers supply all the pretty talk one can stand; Titan products are amazing.

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